Oh, Chad...

This is the guy that every reporter wants to interview because he signed up for Obamacare.


That raised some flags last night. Then, Reason.com added to it.

But in an exclusive phone interview this morning with Reason, Chad father’s Bill contradicted virtually every major detail of the story the media can’t get enough of. What’s more, some of the details that Chad has released are also at odds with published rate schedules and how Obamacare officials say the enrollment system works.

The coverage of Chad Henderson has been massive. He was featured in The Washington Post Thursday as “the Obamacare enrollee that tons of reporters are calling.” He was also profiled in The Huffington Post as someone who “beat the glitches to sign up for Obamacare.” He was interviewed by Politico, multiple local news organizations, and, according to his Facebook feed, was asked to be part of a conference call hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Well, if the story continues to unravel, maybe Hayden Christensen can play him in the movie.

This is really kinda sad. The administration, the media, everyone who wants this trainwreck to exist forever were putting their hopes on the guy without thinking that the Internet exists, I guess?


UPDATE: Good on Jeffrey Young for posting a corrected story.

Chad Henderson, who told The Huffington Post and numerous other news outlets that he had enrolled in health coverage via the Obamacare health insurance exchanges, recanted his story Friday.

This article replaces an earlier version, published Thursday, which reported incorrectly that Chad Henderson and his father enrolled in Obamacare.

And this is my favorite quote of all time.

“When I said ‘enroll,’ I guess I got the terminology wrong. I meant that I was able to actually get in and have access to compare the prices,” Chad Henderson said. “It would be silly of me to just purchase something without even looking everything over for a few months. I have not, and nor has my dad, purchased anything just yet. We are still comparing everything.” Henderson insists he did not lie in his initial accounts — despite contradicting himself in his interview Friday and his father’s statements to Reason.

Emphasis mine. Because that is something EVERYONE SHOULD NOTE.