On Palin and messaging

I realize this will come as a shock to a lot of people, but Sarah Palin isn’t actually doing anything to help us anymore. Even more than a shock, though, this will be a very disliked statement. So, with that in mind, feel free to tell me how upset you are via Twitter! The handle is @joec_esquire, and I retweet hatemail.

So, why am I directing my displeasure at the former governor of Alaska? Well, in part because of this video. There’s a couple of reasons I dislike it, one of the main being the unnecessary inclusion of a bear at 37 seconds into it. Also, nothing says “Take me seriously” like a Stephen Colbert clip. But, more than that, the overarching message actually disrupts the current message conservatives are trying to get across to Congress.

Screaming “DEATH PANELS” over and over is wonderful if you want to scare the hell out of people. It’s not really doing much to encourage Congress to defund Obamacare with the continuing resolution. It’s not convincing them to fight the rule Erick and Daniel have both posted about in the last couple of days (as a reminder: call your Congressman and ask them to vote against that rule). What the SarahPAC is doing is muddying the water here, focusing on creating a shock factor and doing nothing to get people to act.

“Death panels are a real thing? Oh my God. Luckily, my Congressman voted to defund Obamacare!” some folks will say, and completely miss the trick being played on them in Congress by Congressional Republican leaders. The PAC video (which jumps around way too much for my liking and features distracting music) is not a call to action in any way. It’s just a scary video that is meant to remind you of something we don’t even dispute anymore. And it features pills and facepalming old people and I have no idea what the actual message is supposed to be one minute into it.

That Sarah Palin is still trying to be a cheerleader is confusing to me because she hasn’t done that good of a job. Don’t believe me? Look at voter turnout for 2012. It didn’t scream “We really felt motivated to go out and vote against Obama.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of the Lefties saying that Palin is an idiot or anything like that. What I am saying, rather, is that her message is not tuned to the right frequency. It’s missing the critical issues and aiming instead for the shock quotes that brought her to fame in the first place, and it’s an act that’s wearing thin, frankly.