...Did WaPo just defend Jindal's voucher program?

WaPo is beside itself over the Department of Justice’s suit against Louisiana’s voucher program:

The government’s argument that “the loss of students through the voucher program reversed much of the progress made toward integration” becomes even more absurd upon examination of the cases it cited in its petition. Consider the analysis from University of Arkansas professor of education reform Jay P. Greene of a school that lost five white students through vouchers and saw a shift in racial composition from 29.6 percent white to 28.9 percent white. Another school that lost six black students and saw a change in racial composition from 30.1 percent black to 29.2 percent black. “Though the students . . .almost certainly would not have noticed a difference, the racial bean counters at the DOJ see worsening segregation,” Mr. Greene wrote on his blog.

It gets better.

Unfortunately, though, it is not a surprise from an administration that, despite its generally progressive views on school reform, has proven to be hostile — as witnessed by its petty machinations against D.C.’s voucher program — to the school choice afforded by private-school vouchers. Mr. White told us that from Day One, the five-year-old voucher program has been subject to unrelenting scrutiny and questions from federal officials. Louisiana parents are clamoring for the choice afforded by this program; the state is insisting on accountability; poor students are benefiting. The federal government should get out of the way.

This is the Washington ****ing Post Editorial Board writing this. Something, somewhere has gone terribly wrong in the land of Democrat-friendly media.

Of course, it’s absolutely absurd that the program that puts kids in awful schools into good ones violates desegregation when 90% of the kids who are given vouchers are minority students sent to almost all-white private schools. It’s absolutely absurd that the Department of Justice, which might (that’s a pretty big might) have a better argument elsewhere, is going to play the race card on this issue when every bit of evidence not only contradicts them, but actually flips them off while insulting their stupidity.

I have no idea what would drive the administration to make this play against the voucher program other than a desperate attempt to play the one card they have left in this fight. But the card doesn’t play well in this scenario and will only come back and hurt them in the process. I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate race issues out there, but this is definitely not one of them.

Call me foolish, but I pray every day that this administration will, just once, admit they’re wrong and call off doing something stupid.