Chris Christie and Washington's Elite

Today, we got the story that Chris Christie was going to sign legislation effectively banning conversion therapy (which allegedly cures you of the gay) and he’s taking heat from the Right (including a post here on RedState) on that decision. And Dan Spencer is absolutely right in that Christie is positioning himself on the most leftward side of the Republican primary candidates.

See, this is a field test of the Washington Elite’s claims that the Republican party has to move more to the center (read: all the way the hell to the Left). We hear all the time from Karl Rove (who has been missing since Mike Lee verbally spanked him on Hannity’s show) and his ilk that we have to negotiate our way to the middle and make ourselves more likable to people who never have liked us.  But those people who don’t like u are, on a lot of key issues in 2014 and 2016, in the minority.

I realize that a lot of people on our side really dislike Christie. I also know some folks on our side might surprise you in how much they don’t dislike Christie. I, personally, think we could do a lot worse (and given the chance, the GOP will most certainly try). But I do think that Christie, as he is now, is a wonderful field test for the establishment Republicans’ and the consultant class’ theory on how we can win upcoming elections.

Christie’s positions on issues that conservatives care for is less than savory. It’ll be incredibly interesting to see how he handles that in the primaries in 2016… and he will be there. He wouldn’t be doing this if he weren’t. He’ll be head of the Republican Governors Association by then.