Holder seeks changes without Congress

The big news of the day is Attorney General Eric Holder announcing his plans to scale back minimum sentencing on drug charges for offenders not tied to any gangs, cartels, etc. If done properly, it’s the first time he’d legitimately be acting in the interest of the black community.

But there is a problem. Note the use of “if done properly” in that last paragraph.

It’s tragic, too, because this will end up being another trap for any Republican who calls him out on ignoring Congress. Like I said in the first paragraph, this is a big deal especially for the black community, an any Congressman or Senator who opposes it on the grounds of constitutionality is going to be a racist.  Add to that the fact that lots of past drug legislation was racially charged or based on ridiculous information and suddenly you’ve got a great recipe for a Republican trap.

It wouldn’t be terribly surprising to me if it was a trap for Republicans, either. This timing is, quite frankly, suspicious. And I don’t ever buy I to the idea that Eric Holder is working solely for the betterment of the country. Nevermind that Mike Lee and Rand Paul are among the top Republicans calling for a revamp of the system.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is a great idea when done legislatively. The War on Drugs is a wasted effort and only serves to increase taxpayer burden by having to support longtime sentences for first-time or minor offenders. It is very much time for a revamp of drug laws (NOTE: This is not a call for legalization). What I’d like to see is legislation that better punishes those who are repeat, dangerous offenders and offer proper rehabilitation to those who are one-time or non-dangerous repeat offenders. It is not hard to tell which is which.

Instead, we have lots of young men whose lives get very much ruined by an arrest for a minor offense. It has an economic impact that can’t be ignored, but when the executive branch takes action like this without legislative input, it’s simply not governing, it’s ideological activism and it hurts the country overall. There are very few programs that properly rehabilitate those who have fallen victim to the current system.

Yes, revamp drug laws. Don’t violate the Constitution in the process, though. Eric Holder is part of the Cult of Obama, a cult that thinks the executive branch can run amok on the separation of powers, and they intend to do so while Congress (SURPRISE) does nothing to stop it. Essentially, Holder is telling us “Screw Congress. Why give the Republicans any chance to share a victory that betters the country?”

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