Eunuchs in D.C.

That is probably the greatest post title I will ever have.

Do you know what a eunuch is? They are 100% manhood-free people who were often tasked with guarding consorts and harems (their lack of any sex drive made them trustworthy). Because they became so trusted by their rulers, they got seats of power. The Eastern Han Dynasty of China is a great example of how bad an idea it is to give people with no qualifications other than their lack of male pride spots in politics.

Corruption ran rampant. Taxes were levied left and right to feed the eunuchs and pay off the families that would help keep them in power. There were a lot of rebellions because of this, notably one by peasant farmers who tied yellow scarves around their heads and believed in magic. The Han Dynasty was rapidly coming to a close. The emperors grew less and less powerful as consorts and eunuchs became more and more powerful.

Again, men with no testosterone were ruling things in China toward the end of the second century AD.

The corruption was so bad, eventually a warlord and his brother came in and killed about 2000 eunuchs. The emperor and empress fled, only to later be taken in by a greedy and apparently incredibly obese warlord (in the romanticized story of all this, when that warlord died, they set his body on fire and the fat kept it burning for days… on a related note, who’s up for some barbecue later?). The land was in chaos.

Overall, it’s incredibly funny how all this translates so well into the modern era, right?

Today, we see plainly the eunuchs who allow for stagnation and corruption to continue. They look like us, color themselves like us and sometimes they talk like us. But the Republicans that have become a part of the stagnant establishment don’t have the testicular fortitude to fight for the country. They do what they can to stay paid off and do what they can to pay off others who support them and keep them in power. I’d also make the argument that the Democrats are either the consorts or, more likely, best represented by the greedy, obese warlord, but I have standards.

So, the question now is who is going to attack the Northern Palace and who will attack the Southern Palace? Who will throw the eunuchs out on their useless rears (because calling for Republicans’ deaths is a liberal tactic, not mine)? Well, we have a few already, but American politics are slightly more complex than ancient China’s. It involves a lot more support from the people and a lot less violent killing of enemies.

But it can be done. 2010 proved it. 2014, I strongly believe, can prove it. It only takes momentum, and that is something we can very easily do. Erick called for donations to Ken Cuccinelli last week. Don’t just stop there, folks. And don’t wait for calls to action. The eunuchs sit on their stagnant Congress and do nothing to advance the cause we elected them to advance. So, we flush them out and start over. And keep holding them accountable.

Find men with the stones to stand up for conservatism and support them however you can. Money, social media, word of mouth, whatever you’ve got. Also, I apologize for the not-very-family-friendly post.

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