A Few Good Men

I jokingly said on Twitter today that I’d love to raise hell by running for Congress in 2014, but ultimately, I can’t. My wife of three years and my one year old are kind of dependent on the 1/3 of the family income I provide. Still, it would be hilarious to go into a race against Charles Boustany with no actual intention of winning, just scaring the hell out of him by forcing him to be held accountable for his record.

Then, I had a thought: Why in God’s name should I aim for that as a candidate if I am not doing it as a citizen? As one of his constituents? The fact of the matter is that we simply don’t do that enough.

The title of this post has multiple meanings. We need a few good men running for office, it’s true. And RedState is doing a good job collecting them and getting them the support they need. RedState itself provides us with a few good men. Erick, Daniel, Moe, Dana (please don’t be offended at me calling you one of the few good “men!”) and the myriad of Front Page contributors all do their part to raise awareness not only for candidates, but for ideas.

But we also need a few good men out on the battlefield, fighting with friends, neighbors and family (not literally I guess), convincing them that these candidates and ideas are the way to go. They’e also needed to raise the funds to make that awareness reach a wider audience.

Grassroots is a collective effort. It takes all of us. I’ve said before that people will all the time ask “Why isn’t the Tea Party doing” such and such instead of going out to do it themselves. It only takes one person doing something for others to notice, and when they do, they could very well push it forward and the effect snowballs… but it hardly ever happens on the first go. You can’t just do something once today and expect it to linger through tomorrow or a month from now or a year from now.

I hate to make this sound like a lecture, but it’s an important lesson we like to forget because there is always someone else out there. Erick’s the one out there breaking the news on Senate Republicans and Democrats coming to a truce on their Obamacare exemption. Dana is the one telling the world about Colorado’s exasperatingly bad gun legislation. The Tea Party is the group pushing someone.

We need a few good men. Donate $5. $10. $25. Whatever you can. Go to Twitter and post about your candidate at least once a day. Tell your friends and your family who’s good for Congress or the Senate. You never know what effect you’ll have.

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