Letters and Ideas

I think one of the most interesting developments in politics recently is the idea that the letters behind a person’s name are nowhere near as important as they used to be when it comes to who you support. Barack Obama, while a figurehead to the left, is supported by groups of racial and social justice ideologues. While he could never pass as a Republican, his election and re-election symbolized something interesting: It wasn’t a Democratic coalition. It was a social coalition. It was a group of niche voting blocs that got him to where he is.

On the Republican side, we’re having it constantly hammered into us that only Republican is the way to go. The guys who are already there should stay there because it’s best not to let that seat lose the R it’s attached to. But consider 2010 and, now, 2014. At the RedState Gathering, we’ve gotten to hear from some amazing candidates, ones who actually are electable, and not because they have an R by their name on the ticket. Matt Bevin won’t be the only R. Rob Maness won’t be. Neither will the others.

This election is becoming more than just take out some weak blue seats. It’s also about taking out some weak red seats. Perhaps it’s even a little more of the latter. The race in Kentucky is now a toss-up. Mitch McConnell is in trouble, but we knew all along he’d be scared. If opposition actually showed up. And now it has. Conservative activists are now approaching the same level activists for Obama were at in 2008. But, we have something they don’t now: popular support. Poll after poll, we’re shown the country really dislikes where things are. And, as has been pointed out many a time, it’s not just the Democrats who got us here.

A lot of folks are really going out on a limb to get some of these conservatives to primary against establishment Republicans. We’re gaining ground, but we can’t let them do all the work. They simply can’t. Whether it be donating or just tweeting about a candidate, do what you can. It’s important. It’s no longer about the letters, but the ideas that come with them. Our ideas should prevail here. And they can.

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