Bevin, Toomey and McConnell: Love Triangle 2014

Did you watch any of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” music video series? No? Awesome. You’re a decent human being. Now let me explain the reference.

A man cheats on his wife with a woman whose husband, a preacher, is having an affair with a man. The first man’s wife is also having an affair with a cop, whose wife is having an affair with a midget. It goes on and on for 22 soul-crushing parts. Something similar, but less hip-hoppy, is happening in Kentucky.

As we all know (and rejoice over), Mitch McConnell has a primary opponent for 2014 in Matt Bevin. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania endorsed McConnell in that race. Toomey’s former political consultant is advising Bevin in his race against McConnell. Toomey rushed out his support of McConnell after Cold Spark was identified as working with Bevin. A top staffer for Toomey released this statement:

“Mark Harris has never been on the senator’s official staff,” said Jennifer DeLoggio, the political manager of Toomey’s political arm. “Since 2011, Mark Harris has had his own independent consulting business. Sen. Toomey fully supports Mitch McConnell’s campaign for re-election.”

Which is interesting, given this statement from the same article that statement appeared in:

Cold Spark partner Mark Harris, a former Toomey campaign manager who many Pennsylvania Republicans continue to describe as “Toomey’s right hand man,” confirmed that Bevin was a Cold Spark client, but declined further comment.

Toomey, who was identified early as a tea party guy, has lost a lot of popularity after the gun control bills put before the Senate recently. His endorsement, along with Rand Paul’s, seems to put forward the idea that McConnell is a swell conservative. We know that ain’t true, and that’s precisely why he has an opponent like Bevin in the primary – he’s let his conservative constituency down.

Cold Spark did a remarkable job with Toomey’s candidacy and I expect to see them pull no punches in the Kentucky primary. Really, I just find this so exciting. It’s like a soap opera for politics. An affair is one of the biggest emotional moments in those awful shows (second only to someone coming out of a coma, and I have no idea what the political equivalent of THAT is), and though it’s being downplayed now, it’s going to be riveting to watch.

As an added note, the article linked above really doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to Cold Spark. They listed every anonymous quote they could get their hands on.

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