Activism's Future

In college, I was lucky to have as a guest teacher (twice) Ray Strother. For those of you who don’t know the name, he is a political consultant regarded as the man behind modern political consulting. To this day, I consider him a friend, despite the fact that he’s a Democratic operative. He’s a very swell guy.

Among the many things I learned from him is how vital it is not only to get your message out there, but to captivate the audience with it. You need to be able to drag that person you’re speaking to into your sphere and explain what you want from them.

One thing we can thank Barack Obama for is the startling revelation that social media works when it comes to politics. 2008 was a big indicator of what we could do with new media and the Internet’s massive audience. Here we are, ready for a sixth-year election cycle and the intersection of increased Internet addiction among youth and increasing technologies available to more and more people is making it possible for conservative activism to take major strides is not only reaching out to those already aligned with us, but to reach more people and demographics.

It is an outright lie to say that the Republican doesn’t need to focus on bringing in more demographic groups. The image of the Old White Men is still upon us, despite the fact that the Democratic Party resembles the image so much more (WE are diverse enough to have an Oompa Loompa as a House Speaker, for example). But, the idea of bowing to liberal activists and using legislation crafted and approved by the Democratic Party is a farce.

As Erick Erickson has noted time after time, the GOP consulting class brought us a beached whale of a Get Out The Vote effort. They offer us advice that will in no way help the country now. They are the Old White Men doing Old White Men Things (which is a book someone needs to write about Karl Rove ASAP).

Look at what we have now. We have this website, which has a share function that can go straight to Twitter. Authors here have begun using Twitter handles in titles so that, when shared, these folks see we’re talking about them, and outsiders see who we’re talking about. We have hijacked how many liberal hashtags in the past two years (my favorite was spamming a White House Q&A)? We have Twitchy, which culls some of the best news for us through the very social medium we’ve grown to trust most.

We have the ability to collect and amass, to get the message out there. And, right now, we’re doing an okay job. But we’re nearing a vital point in the process, where we have the capabilities to dominate what is mainstream now. We can push further into the newest media, as well. As of now, they are stuck on Twitter (the apolitical have robbed Tumblr of any decency and replaced it with weird, weird things) and Facebook. There is a vast world on this series of tubes that can make it incredibly easy to get the word out. Organization is easier, messaging is incredibly easy and retweeting dumb statements is just plain awesome.

Over the course of the next year, it is vital that we explore each and every new app, website and opportunity that comes our way.

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