The War on... Dog Breeders?

In what should come as a surprise to approximately three people (namely, those left who still think the government wouldn’t leak things), the government is still leaking things.

Absurd things.

The United States Department of Agriculture is handing over lists of dog breeders to perpetual bad commercial releasers, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals AKA ASCPA AKA that day-ruining advertisement with the Sarah McLachlan song. They reason they are doing this is because ASPCA wants to shut down dog breeders. It is all handed over via Freedom of Information Act requests, supposedly, but it still reeks of liberal agenda when you see what they do with the information.

One of the organization’s goals is to get rid of puppy mills, places where dogs are simply bred and sold off, often neglected and even abused (the Chinese sweat shops of the pet world). But, as has been noted at Breitbart and the awesomely-named JoeForAmerica.com (no relation… sadly), in an interview, the group said they see breeders as no different.

These activists even go so far as to publish the names and addresses of these breeders, and, I kid you not, God help you if you are only “meeting” regulations.

“Not all breeders run puppy mills,” Menkin said. “Breeders without violations typically won’t appear in the database, but if they’re only meeting USDA standards, and not exceeding them, then we would consider their operation a puppy mill.”

Keep in mind that dog breeders in general are animal-loving people who take great care of their pets. They work hard to make sure the animals are in top condition. They… sorta have to if that want the best of the best. But to the ASPCA, they are no different than the puppy mills. To animal rights activists, to bring a new puppy into the world is cruelty… because there are still dogs in shelters.

I honestly want to beat anyone about the head and shoulders if they mistreat animals, but this is a little much. It’s a crusade to stop life before it can begin. It’s… oh my God. They can get Sandra Fluke to be a spokesperson.

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