More on Mary Landrieu and the 2014 Race

Ah, Mary. You yield a fruitful harvest when you say words. Or, in this case, write them.

[L]eaders in the Legislature shut down any chance to expand access to basic health care for 400,000 Louisiana citizens through Medicaid this year. What a shame.

By saying no to the expansion, they said no to positive economic impacts to Louisiana’s economy and health care improvements for many people who desperately need and deserve better care. Louisiana’s overall national health ranking is 49th. We rank 46th in diabetes, and despite having lower-than-average incidences of breast cancer, we rank 49th in breast cancer deaths. Why? Because women aren’t getting access to preventive services they need.

In an editorial that ran in all the Gannett-run newspapers in the state (sadly, there are a lot of them), Landrieu chastised her own state in passing up the opportunity to bankrupt ourselves. Trust me, Mary, with our legislature, we’re doing well enough on our own. But, since we’re talking about money, let’s point out that Mary Landrieu received a $23,000 donation from the union that provides, among others, IRS employees.

The Senator forgets that she is a senator in a largely red state. Or, maybe she does realize that, but expects the very blue New Orleans to prop her up. Republicans are very eager to defeat the woman and deliver her seat to… Bill Cassidy. I won’t re-hash what Daniel Horowitz has already said, but I will encourage you to go read his words on the popular conservative news and opinion site, RedState. Among the most wonderful of points, however:

Bill Cassidy is one of those members who likes to inveigh against Obamacare even as he votes to fund it in the spending bills.  He likes to take digs at the IRS, even though he declined to join the effort to defund their Obamacare office.

I can say two things with certainty here: 1) I now know what “inveigh” means and 2) Cassidy is a fool. He is leaping from the nest of one establishment (the House Republicans) and into the arms of another (Senate Republicans) and, I fear, Louisiana Republicans will support him. As of right now, there is a second Republican candidate, one who responded to Erick Erickson’s call for disruptive candidates in an epic acceptance speech:

I accept.

A Republican, military guy and (big trouble for Mary) energy guy, Rob Maness is the underdog in this one. I can’t help but pull for him, though. His employer, Entergy, is big into natural gas, which could very well knock off some of the Big Energy support Mary gets simply for lobbying for them. He appears to be just about everything you could hope for in a conservative candidate. His biggest flaw is that, right now, no one knows who he is. Of course, there are others who could jump in. Former representative Jeff Landry, who lost to Charles Boustany in a House run-off after their districts were combined, is one of the ones with some name recognition in the southern part of the state, but I am doubtful he could pull it off, either.

The race is still a ways off. The announced candidates will more than likely be joined by others. In the current field of speculated and confirmed runners, I’d wager Maness is the best for what we as conservatives need. Now, if we could just convince the state’s Republican party…



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