An Open Letter to @TeamKCP

Senator Karen Carter Peterson,

I realize you are a busy woman. Being the leader of the Democratic Party in Louisiana is surely no easy task, given you must wake up each morning and think “Is there anyone left?” The news that Elbert Guillory of Opelousas is turning Republican probably wasn’t the most pleasant you’ve heard today.

Yes, I know you walked back your comments and said you weren’t calling any one person racist… But it sure feels like you did, and that’s a slap across the face I don’t appreciate. I vehemently oppose any Medicaid expansion in our state because I know what will happen: the federal government will pay for it at first, but, slowly, they will begin withdrawing their financial support and stick us with the bill.

And here you sit, a woman in charge of a party that opposes the governor of your state, a party that regularly complains about the lack of funding to higher education and healthcare in your state, asking your state to use up more money it doesn’t have. If you do not see the problem with that, then how did you get elected to office?

We are a state regularly in financial trouble because so much money is guaranteed to everything we can pass an amendment for. We held a constitutional convention almost a half century ago because we had too many amendments in the state constitution at the time. As of now, we are well beyond the number of amendments we had then, and the list keeps growing. Too much money is dedicated, more than we have, but you would prefer to stick us with another bill that would ruin us. All for a law more than half the population of the United States fears is a train wreck.

Please understand me. I bear you no ill will. Rather, I would love to have a conversation with you about your comments and your thoughts on how to make our state better. I am more than willing to meet you and sit down to talk it out. Instead of divisive rhetoric, perhaps we can come to an understanding.

Joe Cunningham


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