Professional wrestler calls out politician on Internet sales tax

That is by far the greatest headline I have ever written.

You may not know the name “Glenn Jacobs.” He is very libertarian, having spoken on Lew Rockwell’s show a couple of times. Again, a name you may not know all that well, but that’s okay. If, however, you watch World Wrestling Entertainment, you are aware of the tag team champions, Team Hell No. Glenn Jacobs is the masked monster commonly referred to as Kane.

Kane is demonic. He is sadistic. He is powerful. He summons fire from the four corners of the ring when he is proving a point. Or angry. Or just feels like it. It’s hard to tell sometimes, really. But, Kane is also libertarian.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, one of the more well-known backers of the Internet Sales Tax is the state’s lieutenant governor, Ron Ramsey. Ramsey has called the tax “not new” and “not unfair.” And, sure, he’s entitled to that opinion, I guess, even if he is completely and totally wrong. But, if I were Ramsey, I’d watch my back now. Because a demonic, hell-spawn wrestler is onto his game.

“Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey claims that the Internet sales tax mandate is not a new tax. Nor, according to Ramsey, is it an unfair tax. Ramsey is wrong on both counts. I, therefore, invite Lt. Gov. Ramsey for a policy debate on the issue of the Marketplace Fairness Act in a public forum at his convenience.”

That is a quote from a wrestling news website and, yes, it is pretty spot-on in most of what it reports. However, if you want a slightly more reputable source, or at least a second one, go here. Honestly, I can only hope the meeting takes place in the squared circle and has Kane in full costume. Mask and all. And I hope he stays in character while schooling Ramsey on the damage the Internet sales tax can do to the country. If you are thinking “Well, what can a professional wrestler POSSIBLY know about economics and politics,” well…

And, while libertarianism can get insane (which is why I tend to avoid the label although we tend to be about 70-75% in agreement), I think Kane… I mean, Jacobs… really does a fine job of tearing the idea down. He’s anger over the tax was noted in US News and World Report.

Mind you, Jacobs is not the only libertarian wrestler. He said he was introduced to the political philosophy by the man wrestling fans know as Val Venis, a character who, according to Wikipedia, “was introduced with a series of vignettes that showcased Venis’ life style on and off the set, the most notable of these featuring Venis in bed with prominent real-life porn star Jenna Jameson.”

I love professional wrestling.



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