Common Grounds

EDIT: I should have been a little more clear when I discussed compromise. As Bill S. says in the comments, more often than not, it boils down to libertarians and liberals calling for social conservatives to go their way, rather than vice versa. Compromise is a two-way street.

Over the past several days, we’ve watched our country devolve into arguments over a social issue that is divisive and impossible to get everyone to agree on. I’m not here now to discuss our feelings on the subject of gay marriage, nor am I here to cast judgment on anyone for their views. Overall, friends, I think we’ve become a bit distracted.

At any given moment, when Obama is trying to govern (those moments are truly few and far between), conservatives (a group I find much more likable) and libertarians (a group that, until recently, I considered myself most like in thought and belief) are united by their disdain in his practices. Each side sees that liberties are being trod opponent and are appalled that the government is getting away with it. But, what happens next is absolutely shocking to me. Libertarians make it a point to not side with conservatives on anything because of the God thing.

Now, we once again are fighting among ourselves. Gay marriage is an issue that will continue to crop up every now and then in some form. In the meantime, we are ignoring what the government is (or is not doing) with regard to the deficit, debt and budget. We, as a team (and if you don’t realize we need to be a team, we cannot win in a meaningful way), have to find a common ground here: find the talking points we agree on (fiscal responsibility is a great and probably only way to start), we hit them hard and constantly, and we find a candidate who can make it a fight on the fiscal issues.

For the sake of continuing on, we have to come up with something that working for all of us.

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