From the Internets: Anonymous finds a fun target

I normally don’t tread into these waters (maybe I should more often), but hacktivist group Anonymous has found a target that I don’t mind them targeting – the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s their declaration of war/intent/whatever you’d like to call it.


This from MSN:

Can two wrongs make a right? Westboro Baptist Church, the vicious anti-gay group that pickets the funerals of soldiers and AIDS victims, recently declared it will protest at the burials of the children slain in Newtown, Conn. In response, the hacker group Anonymous posted personal information of church members online, including phone numbers, home and email addresses. The law gives us all the right to some privacy, but when the Westboro Church’s stance on the shooting is to “sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment,” do they deserve what they get?

They hacked the website and got personal information, which they’ve made publicly available.

This isn’t a very long post, sorry. I post it simply because we tend to see longer periods of rest before the “big” operations from Anonymous, and because I’ve no love for that church at all. In the military scuffle between Israel and Palestine recently, they took a very active stance in providing online resources to those living in the warzone after Israel cut off the Internet there. They did the same for those in Egypt when the Internet went down there. This many operations in a short period of time is the most active I think I’ve seen them on a large scale.

All of this is open to the public. The group has several Twitter accounts, notably @YourAnonNews. I am not going to link any of the documents they’ve posted, but they are readily available in all the right places.



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