Linda MacMahon definitely not running for office again

Special note for RedState: I realize some (or a lot) of you won’t care about the state of the WWE, but I also know many of you were not the biggest fans of Linda MacMahon.

Yes, I know she came out and said it, but politicians are not exactly known for their honesty, are they? Still, this is one time you can trust some words because they are backed up by a new bit of info traveling the wrestling news circuit. It appears that World Wrestling Entertainment is looking to go a little “edgier.”

Word is that there is a big push within WWE to make the current product edgier. While not Vince McMahon’s idea, he is said to be on-board with listening to ideas as he recognizes numbers are down across the board.

With ratings down, the goal is to give the audience something different compared to what they’ve been seeing over the last couple years. According to several WWE sources, fans can expect to see a more wrestling heavy programming going forward.

For wrestling fans, this means there is a chance for the WWE to go into “Attitude Era Lite.” For political junkies who are also wrestling fans, this move signals Linda’s campaign days are over. The change to the PG Era came pretty close to her campaigning for the Senate the first go-round, so I don’t imagine the move to increase violence and maybe a little more sexuality would come unless she’s absolutely certain she isn’t going to run again.

Don’t get me wrong, Vince has a pretty good eye for the business side of wrestling, so I know that, given tanking ratings, he’d do something to pick it up. Still, if Linda’s done with politics, then there is a chance for the business to bounce back (not that it was in danger of crashing before, given that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are nowhere near it).



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