LA-3: Third place cadidate, Ron Richard (D), endorses Boustany

On this site, I’ve seen opinions divided on whether on not Conservatives should go for Jeff Landry, the representative from the current 3rd District or the representative from the soon-to-be defunct 7th Congressional District. Arguments on both sides are actually fairly strong, and the campaigns have gotten incredibly nasty. Living in Lafayette Parish and working in Vermilion Parish, I am getting rather tired of it.

In the primary, the Democratic candidate, Ron Richard, performed well in the early results and within an hour of the polls closing, had briefly looked as though he would come in second behind Landry. However, Boustany got huge numbers and ended up with around 45% of the vote while Landry picked up somewhere over 22%. Richard came in third, I think with 21%.

Well, according to one of the local news stations around Lafayette, Richard has now endorsed Boustany.

The Democrat who finished third in the Third Congressional District primary race has endorsed one of his Republican opponents. Ron Richard announced his support of Dr. Charles Boustany earlier today. Richard, a Lake Charles lawyer, finished with 20% of the vote in Tuesday’s primary, trailing incumbents Boustany and Jeff Landry. Boustany, who currently represents the soon-to-be-extinct Seventh Congressional District, and Landry, who represents the old Third Congressional District, will face each other in a run-off on December 8.

So, take that for what it’s worth. Jeff Landry, I feel, is the better candidate, but he’s got to do a lot to pick up the votes needed to overcome Boustany. Make it happen, Acadiana.