Take a moment to enjoy anti-Romney people's comments

I work at a newspaper that belongs to a media group who recently endorsed Mitt Romney and is running editorials saying such in all its papers. Granted, I’m a lowly sports editor, but those of you who read what I post often enough know politics is my favorite sport. Once one of these goes in the paper, we then put it online. Luckily, some Obama supporters disliked that.

Let us enjoy what they have to say, shall we?

Oh my gosh!! All u Romney supporters that are bashing Obama after 4 years sat tight lipped during the 16 years of Father/Son Bush BS. Now all hell done broke loose since Obama is in office, now y’all’s mouths are open & won’t shut up!!!! Bush sat still reading a book to kids when he was told that an airplane hit one of the WTC towers, & still didn’t seem bothered when the 2nd tower was hit. Then he let months go by before he even thought about doing anything. Y’all were okay with that. Bush couldn’t even answer a simple question when asked, but it was okay for him to lead the country, but someone with some sense and education get in the WH it’s a problem b/c he’s black. For y’all’s info in case you forgot, he’s just as white as he is black.. You talk about right & wrong but if any of you were ever about the right thing, it wouldn’t have ever taken 400 years for blacks to be free. Your ancestors should have left us in Africa, instead of bringing us in as slaves to raise your children, cook your food, clean your house, or even breed with your race if you never wanted us to run this country.. So if you’re mad at anyone, look in the mirror b/c it’s y’all’s fault that we are strong, fast, never quit, are educated and can make the best out of a bad situation. It’s not about the President, it’s about the God we serve anyway, so y’all need to wake up and see who really has the power while y’all going back & forth with these childish comments…I kinda hope Romney get this chance to get in there & show y’all nothing’s gonna change for the better so y’all can be quiet. And We’ll see if y’all get him outta there like you want Obama out…

Sixteen years of Bushes. Months to respond to 9/11. In fact, looking back, about the only thing that’s really accurate in the comment is the spelling of “y’all.”

You do know that you’re supposed to drink the koolaid and not snort it right?
Oh, so you read Obama’s book, too?
If you’ve been watching his campaign unfold you’d realize he’s been doing nothing but lie. All of his debating is also mostly lies. If you vote for Mitt Romney, not only will you not be voting for the wrong person you also will vote for the loser.

Mitt Romney has money in his family that is invested in voting machines. I smell scandals, but even then he cannot overpower the Democratic party of this election. He can have his millions from his profits that he’s reaped from liquidating companies. These fools that vote for Romney think that he is for small business when he’s done nothing but hurt small business and help major companies. He has only been a CEO, your worst enemy.

Vote for Romney and you surely will be disappointed.

I have no words. Thank God he only posted one ti-…
Also, this is a troll post. I have no intention to vote for either parties.

Your editorial is not so good as it is VERY biased, even though it is an editorial it seems as if a child would write with such bias for a campaign.

It sickens me that someone that makes so little money would still venture into the realms of being a red eyed deviled Republican and not a blue dog like a true American war hero.

Oh. Oh nevermind.
It is very dissappointing to know that the election is a foregone conclusion in certain states. That means that you are simply exercising your right or privelidge to vote. I find this to be a virtual act of insanity.
“Right to vote.” Go away forever. And, as far as I know, the only way an act of insanity can be virtual is if you or Tron are hanging out and you dip a sleeping Sark’s hand in warm water.
Here’s the editorial in question, for those who were wondering:
You have seen and heard the candidates running for president. After a year or more of listening to all the rhetoric it is time to make a decision. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you should weigh the issues carefully because there is a clear distinction between the two candidates and their stand on the various issues.

These issues will affect every aspect of your life and that of your children and your children’s children for generations to come. Your vote will decide the future course of our country and what it will be like 20 to 30 years from now.

Simply put, if you are for less government with more individual freedom, vote for Mitt Romney.

If you are for the right to keep and bear arms and want to protect the Second Amendment, vote for Romney.

If you are for right to life and against the killing of unborn babies, vote for Romney.

If you are for tax cuts and against tax and spend proponents, vote for Romney.

If you believe in the free enterprise system with individual initiative and if you are opposed to socialism, vote Romney.

If you believe that poor and minority children should be able to go to a school of their choice, vote Romney.

If you believe that local school boards should run local schools and not be run by federal judges, the U.S. Justice Department and teachers’ union leaders, vote Romney.

If you believe Supreme Court justices should interpret the constitution and not usurp the authority of the Legislature to make laws or change laws, vote Romney.

If you believe in a strong national defense, a strong military force with well-paid and well treated personnel, vote Romney.

If you believe in sound environmental policies based on science and not on demagogic politicians, vote Romney.

If you believe that Medicare and Social Security programs for elderly people should be administered on a sound fiscal basis without the hype, propaganda and scare tactics designed to confuse or frighten senior citizens by liberal politicians, vote for Romney.

Not every issue listed above may be important to you but there are some issues that apply in every case and those include character, integrity, truthfulness and leadership. Romney ranks high on the totem pole in all four categories.

He has demonstrated his ability to lead, to bring people together and just maybe he can break the gridlock that has plagued Washington politics for decades.

He will put an end to class warfare that divides and embitters our people, causes friction and frustrations among us and prevents us from uniting together as one nation when elections are over.

We respectfully recommend that you consider the qualities of Mitt Romney when deciding to vote for president.

Six days, everyone. Happy Halloween.