Your First Time

My first time was in the back of a Dodge. I was furiously going to town, in a rush to get finished. The absentee ballot deadline was fast approaching.

Holy crap. This ad is extraordinary. I cannot believe someone would think this was a go-…

A suggestive ad rallying support for Putin’s presidential campaign shows a young woman seeking a fortune-teller’s advice. “Let’s find out, cutie, who is intended to you by destiny,” the mystic says. The girl replies, “You know. I wish it to be for love — It is my first time.”

Hey, thanks Foreign Policy.

So… Barry is taking cues from Putin now? This is nuts. I don’t know if they legitimately thought this was good idea or if they’re just throwing ideas at the wall to see if what would stick and just go with it. I am still not convinced it’s not satire… Wait, the YouTube account says “BarackObamadotcom.” Oh. Oh dear.

When I heard this on the radio, I was in the car, driving down the interstate. Thanks a lot, Erick Erickson. You cost me whatever the fine for “reckless endangerment,” “speeding,” and “negligent homicide” is. Those police looked mighty angry.

Let’s just end with the Foreign Policy post. I can’t figure out what else I can say that’s actually appropriate here.

Another ad from the same campaign featured a doctor telling a young woman, “The main thing is to be sure it’s safe. Especially the first time.”

Let’s just hope the campaign doesn’t delve further into the Putin catalog.


EDIT: Breeanne Howe put up a post with the same title, except with quotation marks. If you’re looking for her much better post, click here.


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