Here's what I'd like Romney to say on Monday

I actually ended up doing one of these for both candidates. You can find the Obama speech at my blog, if you wish to read it.


Good evening Mr. Moderator, Mr. President and America.

The President has spent four years appeasing one, single region in the world. And even in attempting to appease them, he has failed. By now, we all know that, in Benghazi, four Americans died in an act of terror. The President’s response? To blame a YouTube video barely anyone saw. It took two weeks for his administration to backtrack and admit it was not a random riot, but an act of terror. In the meantime, members of his administration and his campaign staff went out to spread false information to the American public, with regard to the tragedy. In Syria, the President has stood by and allowed the innocent to be slaughtered while a tyrant continues to oppress his people. Only now does he consider arming the rebels, who without our help have turned to Islamic extremists for help. Extremists who are sworn enemies of our country.

In Iran, he has done nothing while they threaten our closest ally in the region, Israel. And that ally has taken steps to prepare to defend itself without us. It is not only a betrayal, but outright reckless, for us to ignore the plight of friends who are surrounded on all sides by enemies. Iran is always inching their way to gaining a nuclear weapon, a weapon the leaders of that country swear they will use against Israel.

In Afghanistan and Iraq, the President is working to pull U.S. involvement. In these two wars, America has made great progress, but it is progress suddenly stopped, leaving behind a house of cards ready to tumble. Whether you agree with the wars or not, it is irresponsible now to leave now without these countries able to properly rule themselves, and they will only devolve into chaos again, with our enemies ready to take the reigns once more.

But, most importantly, the President has ignored our global responsibility. We are in a multipolar era of global powers. For years, America has only considered itself and Russia as the dominant global forces, dating back to the Cold War. Now, we have China on the fast track to a spot in the limelight as well, and the President ignores this. I am not calling China or Russia an enemy to the United States, but we as a nation have always taken upon ourselves the responsibility of helping to lead the world. Russia uses hard, military power to gain support across the globe, while China uses soft power, money and infrastructure-building, in exchange for support. The United States must adapt and make use of both types of power to lead the world into an era of stability. It is our duty and our responsibility.



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