A Game of ADOS

ADOS stands for “Attention Deficit… Ooh! Shiny!” and it’s a game being played in this presidential election. We’ve had so many distractions in this race I can hardly remember what the issues are. Luckily, we have the Inter-…


The Bain Capital attacks are always fun. The immigration issue caught a lot of us off guard. Obamacare? Another one. We have yet to sit in front of the TV and see a serious talk on the economy(, stupid). Now, in the midst of the charges of being a liar and a felon, Romney’s camp leaks Condi! Condi Rice on the short list for VP? Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly Moses. That would be candidacy suicide! I won’t explain it all, since Mr. Erickson has done such a wonderful job already, but this has to be another subterfuge, this time from a Republican. The discussion leaves the Bain Capital charges as quickly as they came and focuses on WHAT THE HELL, ROMNEY from Republicans and THIS IS GOOD NEWS from the Democrats.

Now, I’m no political genius, but I am quite experienced in ADOS. And I almost fell for it, too. You shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. Democrats hopefully will. Hopefully the media does, too. Because I need something to keep me distracted from how boring this race has been.