Gun Control: Exectutive Ice Cream Cones

These gun control proposals are just the latest manifestation of Obama’s and many liberals’ low opinion of Americans. And by low opinion of I don’t mean disdain for. Actaully, disdain would probably be better than what’s going on here. It’s one thing to disagree with or dislike your peers or constituents. It’s another thing to view your citizenry as a helpless, ignorant flock of sheep, and to treat it accordingly.

Unforunately this is our President’s approach to governing, and understandably so. It’s easy to sell the simplest, warmest, fuzziest, most compassionate sounding solution, the same way it’s easy to distract and satistfy a child who asks where babies come from. It’s easy to assume an adult/child relationship, as opposed to having candid adult/adult conversations. Appeal to emotions, get sentimental, buy ice cream cones for the children. The answer always seems to be to throw money at us, like we are rebellious teenagers who can be pacified with a new car, or a larger allowance.

Gun violence? Take away guns. Health insurance and college too expensive? Universal healthcare and guaranteed federal loans. Poverty? Government checks. Not enough home owners? Give away credit. Federal budget deficit? Tax the rich. Poor education in inner cities? Increase spending. Nevermind the cause of any of these problems. Nevermind the broken American family. Nevermind that subsidies drive up costs. Nevermind educator accountability. The good news for Obama though, and for any charlatan looking to get into the business that government has become, is that you don’t have to get bogged down by these inconveniences. In fact, you don’t really have to solve any problems at all. Maybe through some combination of eloquence, blaming extreme House Republicans, and general obfuscation, you too can sit behind Truman’s desk and yet elude the buck.

Yes, fortunately for the swindling opportunists who like to keep iPods full of their own speeches on hand, there are means to the end of political success other than acheiving results. There is a model to follow. The trick seems to be… well, to seem. Obama seems so smart and reasonable. He seems to be working so hard. Heck, he just issued 23 executive orders on gun control! And they must be good becuase there were children in the background! Except, have you read them? They’re meaningless. They look like something he jotted down on a napkin while having his make-up done backstage at Letterman.  But hey, maybe he really does believe these are real solutions. If so, well, what’s worse: diversion or imcompetence? Doesn’t matter. If we’re the children with real needs, suffering from deeply seeded dysfunction, then government is our deadbeat, abusive father, handing us an ice cream cone, 23 of them actually.