Pelosi 2006: “Democrats Intend To Lead The Most Honest, Most Open And Most Ethical Congress In History”; Pelosi 2010: We’re Still Most Ethical Congress Ever

In much better times, back when Democrats were going to save the world from the evil Bush regime, Nancy Pelosi uttered words that changed America forever and provided hope to the masses: those words were her pledge to lead the most honest,open, ethical Congress in history.

Oh how times have changed.

Now Obama’s approval ratings are down–a new poll released today shows him as low as 41%, Congress has an 11% approval rating, private sector jobs still aren’t showing up despite flowery and optimistic talk coming from the White House, not to mention the oil spill response from both BP and the White House was absolutely horrendous. Moderate to left leaning Kathleen Parker even wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, titled’ Obama: Our First Female President‘ in response to Obama’s style of leadership. Now that’s embarrassing.

Here she is in 2006, on a mission to be the savior of politics along with fellow Democrats as a standard to live up to:

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