New York Times Buried Obama Donor List Story In 2008, Thanks To Obama Campaign Harassing Journalist

Anita MonCrief, the ACORN whistle-blower who announced at the 2010 Right Online convention that she planned on filing FEC charges against Obama for his campaigns illegal work with ACORN during the 2008 election, has released a donor list to Obama’s presidential campaign in which she says the New York Times were planning on running months before the election. However, after the reporter received calls from Obama’s campaign calling her a “rightwing nut” and “conspiracy theorist”, she backed off.

“As a confidential source for the New York Times, I turned this document over to reporter Stephanie Strom months before the 2008 presidential elections and though the list includes information more complete than what the Obama campaign turned over to the Federal Election Commission, the NYT decided to bury the story” MonCrief wrote on her website EmergingCorruption.com.

The document MonCrief is referring to is the Obama donor list, which can be found here, a screenshot of list can be viewed here.

MonCrief exchanged e-mails with Strom using pseudonymous e-mail addresses. Storm planned on running the story until she received the call– in which then she wrote the following informing Anita of the situation:

To read the full story and see the e-mails, click here.