Chicago's Elite and Radicals: One Close Family

I imagine if you call the office of a Chicago politician or prominent Chicago university it must go something like this.

Press 1 for hours and location

Press 2 for information on new projects

Press 3 for ways to contribute

Press 4 if you are a domestic terrorist seeking public funding or a professorship

Chicago is obviously a place filled with radicals. The more interesting fact is the overwhelming support which they get from local politicians and elites.

Chicago’s radicals include people like: Marilyn Katz (who “once advocated throwing studded nails in front of police cars”) [1], Jeremiah Wright (well chronicled), Bobby Rush (a former Black Panter), Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (domestic terrorists who led the Weather Underground and bombed the Pentagon), and the list goes on.

These people have been embraced by the Chicago establishment.

Katz: “Under this Daley, her firm, MK Communications, has many city deals, and one involves public relations for the Chicago Police Department’s community policing program.” [1]

Jeremiah Wright: Well chronicled, so I will just mention that he ran a prominent church which featured big name Chicagians like Oprah and Obama.

Rush: He has been a US Representative from the south side of Chicago for about 15 years.

Ayers and Dohrn: Both have gotten cushy professorial jobs and been accepted by the intellectual and political elite of the city. Ayers is aprofessor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and holds the titles of Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar. Dohrn is an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and the Director of Northwestern’s Children and Family Justice Center. Also, the Annenberg  Challenge demonstrates their influence in Chicago politics and education. Ayers’  hepled form the Chicago School Reform Collaborative Working Group, whose proposal was endorsed by Chicago’s educational movers and shakers like Adele Smith Simmons, Deborah Leff, and Patricia Albjerg Graham. The grant was contingent on 2-1 matching funds from private donations and public funding (49.2 million each.) As a result, the ultimate success of Ayers’ proposal could not have been achieved without the support of the monied elite and the politcal power brokers.

1 http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/chi-kass-mk-bd-12-oct12,0,5393672.column