Transgender Bathrooms

Mother and Daughter Looking in Bathroom Reflection
Mother and Daughter Looking in Bathroom Reflection

Why restrooms are sacred.

Although work on my farm requires me to dress like a guy sometimes I do enjoy the company of my same sex.  For instance, bumping into each other in a public restroom. You see women have fundamental dimensions and values in common, mammary glands, menstruation and as mothers, the release of Oxytocin. Which during childbirth makes mothers bond with their children. We talk about this stuff, yep sometimes in the weirdest places, like restrooms, our sacred woman places.  Speaking of children, sometimes we might share with each other a book title we’ve read recently read to our children like Aesop’s fable, “A wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”  You remember those stories; the fables were moral truths that our moms read to us to make us cautious around the Ted Bundies of the world. Or in the case of Dynel Lane, who dressed up like she was pregnant to lure her victim.  People who pretend to be something they are not.

It is through our interactions in locker rooms and restrooms that we share with each other and acquire different strengths, interests and emphases and it is this very diversity which becomes a source of enrichment for our communities.

As a woman I have come to know my fellow woman, and I know we suffer from wanting to be liked, so we say, “yes” all too often. There are self-help books written on this! But in the desire to be wanted and accepted and “liked” we women run the risk of saying yes to too much. Imagine if a mother ran her household on yes all the time. Much like in a woman’s home, it is no different in our societies, yes to everything cause’s destabilization and collapse.

We women know that we will never have the upper body strength of men, to carry or defend, we are burdened with childbirth and lactation it is therefore imperative that in civilized societies that our dignity and rights be preserved.   The first world conference on women held in Mexico City in 1975, declared the Equality of Women and their Contribution to Development and Peace.  This is a giant step forward for all humanity, let’s not step backwards by taking away our sacred woman places.