The Good News about the Bad News

half domeMarch 1:Yosemite National Park’s famous Ahwahnee Hotel is set to get a name change; it is now to be called “The Majestic Yosemite Hotel.”  Other park landmarks will also get name changes due to a legal dispute between the government and the facilities’ outgoing operator.

Simply put, the company operating the hotels and restaurants, Delaware North, lost its $2 billion bid to renew its contract. Since they were originally required to buy the intellectual property rights—the names—it makes sense that they would want to be paid $50 million for the rights. The current company is not willing to do this, hence the name change.

The good news is that it has woken up something assumed forgotten in America: moral outrage. Petitions are being circulated around the globe to give the names back to the people.

The biggest mistake the West has made has been allowing itself to drift into a state of mental stagnation, apathy, and inaction. There is an urgent need for a revolutionary change in our state of mind. Our Founding Fathers would be alarmed to learn how confused many of our people have become over such fundamental problems as disarmament, coexistence, free trade, and the United Nations. Instead of a state of intellectual vigilance, we have rolled over and accepted superficial “progressive” slogans and allowed name-changing to happen, from marriage and gender to peace and self-reliance, thus redefining everything we are and everything we believe in.

More good news is that while it has become a disturbing pattern of American behavior to listen and accept all those who are loud, bombastic, and scream they have a right, some are paying attention and are not ignoring the quiet voice of truth. During last week’s Republican debate, Dr. Ben Carson quietly said the most profound thing on that stage. When asked about Hillary and Bill’s adulterous marriage, he said: “Is this the message we want to send to the world? Is this who we are? The division and animosity currently propagated by the current administration?”

The rest of the good news is that the question is being asked: “What message do we want to send to the world?” Dr.  Carson asks this question, just as do the Yosemite petitioners. Our heritage means something. Names mean something. Caring for the next generation means something. Maybe this slippery slope of “anything goes” and  “coexistence” has run its course and intellectual vigilance is becoming in vogue once again.