The Christie Complex

“I’m not running for president,” Chris Christie has said repeatedly. However, many journalists and GOP pundits seem to believe that the door to a 2012 presidential bid is closed but not locked for the popular New Jersey Governor. He has made unwavering declarations about not running for the highest office in the land, even to the point of poking fun at skeptics who believe he will pop up one day with a surprise announcement. Many politicians have openly renounced their upward political aspiration, only to turn around the next day and “decide” to launch a campaign. Yet, Christie has been so definitive in his position not to run that if he changes his mind, he could jeopardize the value of his word.

 According to the New York Post, sources say that Christie is strongly considering a presidential run at the prompting of several distinguished leaders and public figures. Of course this is speculation, but what seems certain is that Christie does not desire to be president, right now. His words, not mine.

 Is it healthy to want a presidential candidate who doesn’t want to be president? After all, George Washington rejected the position of king and didn’t seem thrilled with idea of serving as the first President of theUnited States, but he considered it a duty to serve his country in that capacity. Christie can continue to serve as a strong governor, or reach towards another platform of service that stems from the Oval Office.

 Whether or not Governor Christie runs for president in 2012, he has already established himself as an effective leader with the ability to generate positive change. If certain republicans are disenchanted with the current field of candidates, they must realize that Christie, just like every other candidate, has flaws. Just a few weeks ago, Governor Rick Perry was the GOP darling. After his record was scrutinized and his debate performances were less than favorable, his poll numbers have dropped significantly. If Governor Christie decides to enter the race, he would be a formidable candidate although it would presumptuous to declare him the frontrunner. It’s still an open field.