Letter to the Editor

Today I finally found the time to re-listen to your interview with the Newt-Meister.  I found as always that broad level of confidence and strength with Newt’s explanations.  This caused a string of thoughts to come to mind thinking back to his responses to the smear campaign Romney ran in Florida where I now reside.  He stated, “I would not vote for me either in light of the political advertisements being run against me” expecting nothing less from him.

My next thought was of that “deer in the headlights look” Santorum usually has when confronted wondering what would happen to him as President if we had a real emergency on top of the regular pressure that comes with the office.  Can you imagine him at a White House news conference?

My next thought was of Romney in the same situation hearing him cry foul because one of the world leaders told him to go jump while a camera was running.  I smiled when he whined because Santorum called on the dems in Michigan to get out and vote feeling those that did, remembered his Father George who changed the states constitution adding the state tax and more no one has mentioned.  This occurred just before he was appointed to head up HUD, another headache we live with to this day.  With the huge percentage today being supported temporarily or other wise by government programs, we will need to draw voters from the democratic party also to win as most dependents will fear the cuts coming with no jobs in sight.

I then settled into some serious thoughts on what it will take to correct the jobless situation here in America.  To get there one has to understand how we got into this mess in the first place.  We have been hemorrhaging our manufacturing jobs since 1993 when Clinton signed the NAFTA / GATT disaster into law.  We have 50,000+ vacant manufacturing and industrial sites across the country as a result of the government listening to Wall Street with those bills.  These need to be abolished and we need to put our nation’s survival ahead of any noise that may come from a predicted trade war that will not materialize.

When one stops and realizes most complaints would come from Communist China, we should realize much of that manufacturing is being done there for American-based companies.  This would force the manufacturing back home because the reinstated tariffs would level the playing field.  This action certainly would upset Wall Street and companies like GE but we better start putting our survival first and do it now.

I think back to the televised celebration a few months back where Ford was opening a new manufacturing plant in Brazil to build the Focus if my memory serves me which would be shipped here for sale.  Again this is great for Wall Street and Ford’s bottom line but…..  We have to look passed the smoke and mirrors, the BS from all directions, and all else to save this nation.  There was a time when leadership would have told us not to buy until…….

There is only one sure way to put the 30% that are factually off work currently on unemployment, welfare-type programs, and now the two million that recently applied for SSI back to work.  We have to reopen our manufacturing shops which were what built this country in the first place and we should not put any money into the initiative as it would naturally occur with the tariffs back in place.

If Newt is serious he should call a 10 minute news conference at dinner time naming Ollie North as his V.P. which would bring both smart in his case and the military back to the White House and tell America here is how you will get back to work.  No air-castles and no shovel ready nonsense, just the missing goals and dreams that have been incrementally removed by the clown-show in Washington over the past many years.  He could and would start a movement from both sides of the isle that would reset the bench mark for prosperity and finally drain that proverbial swamp.  That would be real leadership that would cause a positive economic explosion and the gathering of neighbors for conversation also lost along the way.

Eric the more we hear from both you and Newt the wiser we will become as a nation.  Maybe this thought will find its way to Newt with your help.

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and create a brand new ending.  Change starts with you.