Just a few thoughts......

Today as a society we have arrived at a place and time where too few of us any longer process the important issues thinking them all the way through correctly reaching their conclusion.  This is partially due to the quantity of topics shoved in our faces daily while the younger generation is just applying the conditioning they learned in our public schools.  Then we have all the fundamental transformations that are occurring simultaneously by design cheered on by most media outlets that keep the sheep in queue doing the surface-only thinking for them.

Currently we have the democratic-based media having asked seemingly stupid questions at the debates with the Republican candidates responses certain to be used as ammunition against Republicans in future democratic commercials.  It will be ugly and discouraging for many at best when this begins in mass.  You can believe when the bell rings the media will support their previous choice who currently is our President.

In addition to the above issues, real long-term damage to America is well under way in Europe with no one here aware.  I reside there several months a year on business and at a later date as time allows will introduce you to some very shocking changes coming back to America in the near future put in place by the current administration.   The backlash when it arrives will be stunning.

Regarding the current field of candidates, I have grown numb with what the media has accomplished while discrediting them.  I will vote for the nominee no matter what but in the same breath would prefer the smartest one because we have no choice but to hire a multi-task able person this time.  I admire Santorum’s morals but have looked at his questionable life long voting record that screams democrat and know he is not capable of the huge task awaiting the next president.

Romney on the same hand has a life long voting record that when I checked it left me questioning his party choice quite frankly.  It is equally odd that the democratic media has played slow-pitch with him and hardball with Newt.  Romney may be the star of the coming commercials which will point out his life long voting record as well as his assistance with Obama Care VIA a third party.  I will vote for him though I prefer the guy everyone is afraid of.  Newt has been aired out and has a proven record.  I see a brokered convention coming.

Time will tell but I believe the commercials will leave many discouraged Republicans on the couch on Election Day.  We do not need a go-along get-along President with this election with it factually being our final opportunity to change the nation’s trajectory.  Think about that.  Most of the freebies used as recruiting tools in use for years need to be reclassified and the families becoming responsible for their own or parents costs regarding many products promoted on TV.  This will cause unrest but we need to be strong getting it behind us so the healing can begin.

No matter who you prefer we must all help push the wagon like never before because things are going to get much worse between now and the election with our nation starting with gas prices.  You should not expect any real help from the government because a dollar increase in fuel prices is a 25+% tax increase with no one to blame directly.  By the way we currently export 2.2 million barrels of finished product (Diesel and Gasoline) daily so the pipeline will not lower prices but will make us less import- dependent while creating thousands of jobs.

We should expect another credit downgrade 2Q seconded by a different rating bureau within a week of the first.  Just a few months back Obama demanded enough additional money to get passed the next election, which he received only to come back recently for more this time receiving just a two month continuing resolution.  When this one expires the problems will rightfully begin credit wise for America multiplied by the devaluation of our currency again by design.  And we watch.

A retired person or group that has some spare time should dig into our exploding welfare system and develop some rough numbers regarding the number that have moved onto that platform from unemployment when their unemployment benefits became exhausted.  This would take hard work having to contact states individually but the information is public.  The rate is factually closer to 30 than it is to 10%.

There is one candidate that has stated he wanted a team.  He meant a team to make the House stronger and to take the Senate.  Only one is saying we (Team) and not me alone.  Only one has a proven track record.  Only one.  We must put the personalities aside because we all agree we need major changes in Washington and the best way to accomplish that is to flip the supper table over and sort it as the mess is cleaned up.  That is how the budget was balanced by the 105th. Congress as they only partially refunded programs following the second government shut down.  Remember?  Think.

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and create a brand new ending.  Change starts with you.  Again, change starts with you.         To be continued.

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