New Hampshire GOTV: A great story

The Republican base is angry but they are in no mood to punish their party now. They’re determined to defend the America they love.

A few days ago, while going door-to-door for McCain-Palin in New Hampshire, I met a man who was worried about the future of our country.

He was worried about Barack Obama’s plans to raise taxes, and he was none too pleased about Obama’s record on abortion, either.

He said he was solidly behind McCain and Senator John Sununu, but was really angry about the $700 billion bailout package.

Yet he recognized that letting the Democrats win both the White House and Congress could spell disaster.

He had put McCain signs up in his yard. He said it was the first time he had ever put up political signs before. They kept getting torn down, but he kept putting them up.

We spoke for about twenty minutes. We exchanged e-mail addresses.

Yesterday I heard from him. He had been inspired by our conversation, and went down to the McCain-Palin headquarters himself the next day, and went door-to-door all day.

And who knows how many he inspired, in turn?

This will, I hope, be told on Wednesday morning as the story of how John McCain won New Hampshire and the 2008 election.

It will be a story about how ordinary people triumphed over fickle media elites and political opportunists.

It will be a story about how the so-called “party of the rich” became the “party of the ordinary American man and woman.”

It will be a story about the man who achieved greatest political comeback of all time, and the millions of people who carried him to victory.