10 questions for an Obama voter

We’ve been asking economics students who support Obama a few questions.

Here they are, with a representative sample of the answers:

  1. Did you support NAFTA and CAFTA? “Yes.”

  2. Do you support the Columbia Free Trade Agreement? “Sure.”

  3. Do you support the South Korea Free Trade Agreement? “Yeah.”

  4. Do you support increasing tariffs on Chinese goods? “No.”

  5. Do you support farm subsidies? “No.”

  6. Do you support corn ethanol subsidies? “No.”

  7. Are you against importing more efficient sugar ethanol from Brazil? “Nope.”

  8. Did you support the Byrd amendment, which rewards American companies for filing pricing complaints? “Of course not. That goes against everything we know about economics.”

  9. Do you want to abolish the secret ballot in the certification of unions? “Who in their right mind would vote for that?”

  10. Do you want to further restrict the number of visas for skilled foreign immigrants? “No way.”

That’s 10/10 against Obama and for McCain.


So why do you support Barack Obama?

“He’s kind of handsome, I guess.”

“I love Barack so much!”

“He’s cool.”