New Hampshire GOTV: What a weekend!

Lots of door-knocking and phone-calling in New Hampshire this weekend to get out the vote.

There are McCain-Palin signs everywhere, even southern NH. The sign people have done a terrific job.

The Obama folks decided to give New Hampshire a try, after all–they must know they are in trouble.

We saw them working one of the same neighborhoods as us and waved a friendly hello. They waved hi back.

It seems the Obama campaign has no real plan for getting their supporters to the polls.

They are knocking on doors and calling voters in Republican neighborhoods.

It’s not overconfidence–it’s poor organization: just throwing money and volunteers at everybody.

The GOP is being more efficient, going after Republicans and independents. That will translate into more votes.

People are worried about what they’re seeing in the media, but that’s just making them more determined to turn out.

We did come across one Obama voter in a Republican stronghold. We were polite.

We just said: “Well, we’re here for McCain, but let’s hope that if Obama does win, he’ll be a good President.”

He replied: “Yeah, let’s hope. You guys are good foot-soldiers.”

Indeed we were–and there were thousands of us all over the Granite State.

We feel that momentum.

We’re going to keep working.

We will win!