Another clueless Harvard professor

An article in the Harvard Crimson reports that astronomy professor John P. Huchra has switched sides from McCain to Obama over the Sarah Palin pick.

His defense?

Huchra criticized in particular Palin’s view on scientific questions, including teaching creationism in public schools, which he described as “not consistent with a modern view of the world.”

Amazing. Another Harvard intellectual–a scientist, no less–who has apparently swallowed the Palin smears without bothering to examine the facts.

Thank God for the few conservative intellectual heroes still fighting in Harvard Yard, like Harvey Mansfield:


Government Professor Harvey C. Mansfield ’53 explained the presidential race in terms of his book “Manliness,” which mourns the lack of manliness in a “gender neutral” society.

“The race between McCain and Obama is the classic match-up between a manly man and a sensitive man,” Mansfield said. He added that McCain’s ‘manliness’ would translate into a more aggressive national defense policy, which Mansfield supports.

Mansfield also said he greeted McCain’s choice of Palin with “modified rapture,” praising the Alaska governor as a woman who has set up a new model for feminism.

“She has shown that feminism as we have defined it isn’t necessary in order to change the state of women,” Mansfield said. “It is possible for women to be successful and powerful without bringing with it the bondage of sexual liberation.”

And where would we be without the brave Ruth Wisse?

Wisse said the responsibility ultimately fell to students to demand a more politically balanced faculty.

“The timidity of Harvard students in this regard is really astonishing to me. Thoughtful students know they are being short-changed,” Wisse said. “Where is the backbone of that part of the student body that knows where its responsibilities lie and does not rise to the occasion?”

Let’s win on Nov. 4 and stop the madness.

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