The media is buzzing with stories about McCain staffers giving up, looking for jobs, et cetera.


I spoke this morning to a friend at the campaign and he told me morale was high.

I worked this morning at a New Hampshire phone bank and I found more McCain supporters than Obama supporters.

I am reading the news regularly and I see that the Democrats are terrified of snatching defeat from the jaw of victory.

I have one message for everyone involved in the effort to get John McCain and Sarah Palin elected:


Have Republicans become so used to winning in recent years that we expect elections to be easy?

Where is the courage that we expect of our own troops under fire–to run forward, never backwards?

When Alexander the Great’s soldiers refused to march on, he showed them his body.

He had many scars–but none on his back.

And so they pressed onwards. And so must we.

We have to trust the American people to make the right choice.

The voters I talk to are excited about McCain and doubtful about Obama.

They are ready to choose an American hero as the next president of our country.

We owe it to them to do everything possible to win on November 4th.

No one cares about campaign staffers. No one cares about committee chairman and Washington careerists.

The voters care about our country and its future. And that’s all that matters.

So let’s do this. And save your postmortems, because with God’s help there won’t be any need for them.

John McCain has been left for dead before. He has fought back, and won, to get where he is today.

I believe in him, and I am doing whatever I can to help him.

Forget the experts and the big shots. We can win this if we do it our damn selves.

John McCain expects no less of us.