Liberal experiences lefty hate

I saw this on the train today in Boston’s Metro paper and loved it:

Acting right-wing has liberal feeling left out The Democratic party is usually associated with acceptance and open-mindedness. But how easy is it for a Republican to fit in in the nation’s biggest and bluest cities? Metro’s Heidi Patalano gives us a peek inside her journal as she poses as a conservative in Manhattan.

Thurs., Oct. 16. Getting dressed “as a Republican” has been so difficult. I’m generally donning all the clothes my mother bought for me to “look like a professional.” Lame. Is it fair to say all Republicans are squares? I can’t really think of any trendsetters who support tax cuts or overturning Roe v. Wade.

*Fri., Oct. 17. *I bought a “Vote McCain” baseball cap on the street. I might as well have put a bulls-eye on my chest and let people stone me to death. On the subway, people wouldn’t stop staring at me like I was some kind of unearthly creature. I’ve never felt so judged and, quite frankly, threatened. Is it fair to be openly laughed at just for being part of the conservative minority in a liberal town?

Sat., Oct. 18. I went to a same-sex engagement party for a friend of mine. Yeah, it was weird. The host introduced me to another guest. He couldn’t take his eyes off my McCain hat. “Is that for real?” he asked. As I nodded yes, the look on his face turned from amusement to thinly-veiled horror. I was quick to point out during discussion that McCain has been painted as the out-of-touch, Bush-loving evil incarnate by Obama supporters even though he was a favorite among both parties not long ago. They admitted I’m right. Score one. But then they started hammering me on Sarah Palin. I couldn’t let them get away with that. So I said it: “That’s right you liberals, she’s a maverick.” No one would talk to me for the rest of the night.

I applaud Heidi Patalano’s courage and honesty.

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