Obama's Earmark Odyssey

John McCain has neither requested nor received any pork spending in his 25 years in Washington–a standard for the rest of the party to follow. His opponent, Barack Obama, denounces wasteful spending but has requested three-quarters of a billion dollars in pork projects in just three years in the Senate. It is a record that contradicts Obama’s pledge to change politics in Washington.

The latest line Obama has been pushing is that some pork is actually kosher. Or, as he once put it: “Pork is in the eye of the beholder. The recipients don’t tend to think it’s pork, especially if it’s a great public-works project.” Last month he promised he would cut “genuine” pork, without explaining how to tell the real thing apart from the imitation.

Here’s a video that takes a close look at Obama’s pork spending in Illinois. You decide.