In Austrailia, they are now flirting with taxing each flush.

I found this on the Drudge Report. This is the article.


The question is when will the Obama Administration start to push for this new tax.

Two weeks I think. That is if they can stop sniffing each other’s rear end long enough. (They are worse than dogs.)

I guess down under there will be a sale on corks. I mean putting a cork in it will be an old saying with a new meaning. I wonder when there will be a new study that advocates the placement of these bodily corks.

The Obama administration will have to start a new stimulus plan for corks. The poor will have to share theirs. The Rich will have gold-plated corks. Their will be agitators for and against these corks. I mean I think Jackson and Sharpton will have a whole new intolerance to moan and complain about.

Just think of the possibilities. The mind boggles.