Fairness Doctrine. Who needs it? Do you hear me Obama?

Hitler needed it. All the Politburos from the defunct Soviet Union. Chavez. Fanatical Muslims. And now finally the Obama Regime needs it.

Why? Why doth thou protest?

Aren’t the other  mediums enough for you?

Oh, wait a minute………………free speech isn’t enough for you. You must make sure everyone hears your speech and no one else’s. Uh……..Hitler couldn’t stop the information coming out of his country and he had the MEDIA behind him. Backing him all the way. He couldn’t stop his country men from learning what is going on.

Well, it ain’t gonna work that way.

Yeah, you may stifle speech on the radio………maybe , but it will get out. This medium called the internet. Fat lot of good you going to try to stop it.

Yes, and you know what I am talking about. You fools. Everytime you utter a word. IT GETS OUT. Now, more than ever.

Every egregious, stupid, moronic syllable.  Once you TRY to stop talk radio, it will get out. It will be one of the more stupid things this administration ever attempted.

You see, there are too many terminals. Too many ways for the conservative voice to get out there.

Just try to control the internet. I dare ya. I triple dog dare ya.

Right now, people are questioning the mainstream media, but from my perspective, it isn’t a question of IF THEY ARE LOSING, but WHEN ARE THEY GOING DOWN INTO IGNOMINUS DEFEAT.

Your captive audience is dying. Indeed they are fading away as we speak.

Oh sure, you can prop it up for a bit. Maybe make it exclusive your domain, but……………..No one backs a loser. Especially if the loser can’t compete with pop-culture.

And we got ours Obama. We have ours.

We have this medium called the internet. Oh, yeah, you have it too. But even the smallest of brains, such as yours…….., all it takes is someone who has access to the grid and voila!!!! Instant site to interesting tidbits like who is dating who, who didn’t vote, who paid their taxes on time etc etc etc.

It is your party who assumes that cutting out talk radio, or the way you like to promote it, “MAKING SURE THE AIRWAVES ARE FAIR AND BALANCED.” that the talk will die down.

NOPE. Sorry a$$holes. You got that wrong again.

(Sheesh, can somebody actually explain the facts of life to these people?)

Any attempt, I mean any attempt, to actually stop talk radio is going to be met with such an over powering strength as to make the biggest volcano eruption seem like a small burp.

Not that it will be needed. Your time is about up. So far, all you have accomplished is placated some idiotic pie in the sky jackasses who have dreamed of this time.

Well, guess what? You have saddled the United States with an unbearable burden. Something that can be done away with easily.

Just as easily as it was forced upon us, it can easily be forced off.

So far all you have done is give us ammunition to pick off every single idiot who voted for the so-called stimulus bill. Just by simply saying he/she voted for it.

It won’t work. It will never work. Don’t you get it? And now that you have given us the ammunition, well…….. Hot damn. This is going to be fun. Especially when the dead albatross of your bill is hung around every congress cretin who voted for it.

I mean really………………………….Mice?

A new name should be picked out for you OBAMA. Mickey Mouse. You know the ears thing?

Mickey Mouse Obama. That is what your administration is. That is what you are…..