Lie down. Take a nap. Our fearless leader is here.

Yeah right. The fearless leader. A man who can’t stand dissension. A man who really only understands Chicago style tactics.

He wants to SHUT UP Limbaugh. Only him. 


His aim is to stifle all complaints and direct them to the maddening circle from the computers.

He is upset at Limbaugh. Well, good. He should be upset. He should strive to change his ways so that Limbaugh isn’t upset.

Here is faithful……Obama’s servant savant.

Uh……. fearful leader, he won’t be isolated. He has twenty million people who listen to him.

Fearless Leader, “I won!!”

Uh………..Fearful leader, he says………..So what?

Fearless Leader, “He should bow down to me!!!!”

Again fearful leader, he says…………. “My army is twenty million strong and growing.”

Fearless Leader, “I won 52 million votes!!!”

Fearful leader, he says……………. “That was in November. What have you done for them lately?”

Fearless Leader, “I gave a house that was not mine to a pitiable excuse of a human.”

Fearless leader, “I also gave a guy who could be on SNL fifteen minutes of fame”

Limbaugh says, ” Wow, two. You have helped two of your 52 million that you say are with you.”

Limbaugh says, “I have help Millions with my help. My message is of hope. Personal salvation. Striving to be the best that they could be. What is yours like?”

Fearless leader, “Mine wants me to give them a job and houses.”

Limbaugh, “Mine wants to thank me for giving them the personal courage and strength to aspire and achieve that which was not available to them when they started.”

Fearless leader, “You are a danger to me and mine.”

Limbaugh, “So what else is new?”

Take a nap, our fearless leader is here.

So is Limbaugh. Let us thank the Gods that be, he is around.