Um, we are not Socialists now.

No, way no how. Not now, not ever.

You must understand this. I DON”T WANT TO BE A SOCIALIST. Not ever. Not now.

I will not be a socialist. Not ever. Not now.

Do you understand?

I will die FIRST before I am a socialist.

Get that through your head before you even think about it. I WILL DIE FIRST.

If I am the first to die from it, I bequeath my Car to the first guy willing to drive through a group of bicycle riders in San Francisco. The money from the rest of the estate should help in the defense. But I do suggest you use the insanity defense first. Because all San Franciscans think any one who follows Redstate or any other Right Wing site are insane.

What is the result of Socialism?

Witness San Francisco. It smells more of urine than weed now.

That is what you should expect from Socialism. More piss than anything else. Oh maybe a turd now and then, but that is what the “Ruling elite” expect from us.

I am a Conservative. Get that through your head. And I will die before the tanks before I am a socialist.