My Diary entries might not be HIGH BROW enlightenment.


You got a beef with that?

I am not the product of a Harvard educated school curriculum. Nor do I have a complete California mandated Education.

I am what I am.

A guy who understands that selling the future of our kids is not in the best interest of the Nation.

That is the United States of America. That Nation. The one I grew up in.

Mark Levin in his last hour of his last day of the week, he gives a song. One by Ray Charles.

If you don’t listen, you are not entitled to the notion that all men are created equal. That all men are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

All you are entitled to is what the government gives you, don’t listen. The Government only states that the won’t  mess with you when they give you anything. And most of the time they go back on their offer.

Here is the song.


Now wait a second. I want you to understand every word he says.

LISTEN. I should expect nothing less from the REDSTATE crew. Those who think Obama is the worst and those that don’t.  Ray Charles nailed it. In his first stanza.

This is part of we are about.

We are part of the crew from the Boston Tea party to now.

 Yeah, we have the internet, but our soul is with that Tea party in BOSTON. Never forget that.

Also, never forget our forbearers, died and strived for us to have a FREE life.

Now we have a new enemy to that. One that is HOME GROWN.

It’s leaders are Harry Pelosi and Nancy Reid. Oh I may have gotten that wrong.

They have a new idiot. His Name is some fool from another country. Barack Hussein Obama.

How the hell he got elected is a mystery, but he was.

I saw it in living color.

I even saw his acceptance speech.

A friend of mine said, “He sure do talk purty! Don’t he?”

Yes, he talked “purty”.

He also talked “purty” recently with Henrietta and that guy who inpires guys from SNL.( I thought it was the guy from SNL at first.)

This is suitable for Oprah, but then again this is an Oprah moment. Is Obama working for a gig on Oprah?

There  are people who say he is trying for the next job. “IS HE TRYING FOR OPRAH’S JOB?”

He should forget it. Because Oprah has that Job locked down.


Not High brow enough?