Economics from a worm's eye.

Here are questions that must be answered by the Republicans.

What is it that we NEED?

What is it that we WANT?

What is it that we HAVE?


NEEDS are things we have to have to survive.

WANTS are things we would like to have.

HAVES are things that are here and now and we can point to.

NEEDS first. Food, shelter, clothing. I think and I know that unless you are a homeless (NUTCASE) person, you have food and shelter. America is known for taking in and helping. That is solved.

Despite the predications of teenagers, we don’t NEED a cell phone.

WANTS too many times get mixed up with NEEDS. We WANT universal health care, but we don’t NEED it.

Indeed we HAVE near Universal health care. MUCH MORE THAN WE WANT. This is what we HAVE. Which is what most politicians on both sides keep on forgetting.

I work in an auto parrts store. I sell wipers everyday. I have the cheap wipers, the okay wipers, the special of the month wipers, the very nice wipers, and the OMG it costs that much wipers.

Very few people buy the cheap ones, I have a smaller selection of those. The solid sellers are the OKAY wipers and THE OMG ones.

The reasons vary, but the intent is the same in every case of buying wipers. To get the best bang for your buck. I buy the OMG wipers. Mostly because they last so long and wear so well.  But I never forget the ones who just want to buy the okay set, because their money also have to go to buying the kids the school clothes, or whatever else they want to spend their money on.

Now we have a president who promises all of us the OMG value of wipers, but we know in the end we all will get the cheap set, because he has to appease everyone.

Well, unless all of us want to spend all of our money on the OMG type of wipers or health care, we will have to put up with the cheap set of wipers and the cheap version of health care enjoyed by our European counterparts.