So was America ready for a black president?

So was America ready for a black president? Yes…well some more than others. As one might come to expect, conservative wingnuts stripped sheets off their beds and went parading through the streets with their guns at their hips shouting racial epitaphs. In fact, one even burned a cross on the White House lawn. If you read any of the articles pouring from the addled minds of the MSM, this is what you would have been led to believe if an African American won the White House. But it didn’t happen.

For the most part, the ethnicity of the President didn’t bother conservatives. We strongly disagreed with the President and refused to sit by and allow the country to be hijacked into a failed leftist state. We rose up and let our voices be heard. It was not Barack Obama’s race that caused us to act, but rather his agenda. For most of us, ethnicity was the last thing on our minds…but it was the first out of the mouths of the Left.

From all degrees of the Left, charges of racism began to flow. From the sewers of the Daily Kos to the halls of Congress: Republicans are racist; Fox News is racist; conservatives are racist; tea parties are racist; Rush Limbaugh is racist; Glenn Beck is racist; town hall attendees are racist; Michelle Malkin is racist; Andrew Breitbart is racist; Sarah Palin is racist; must I go on?!

With the blatant abuse of the race card, it seems as if liberals are not yet ready for a black president.

Why is it that in the liberal mind, everything boils down to race? From Harry Reid’s light “skinned” and “no Negro dialect” comments to Chris Matthews “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.” Is it the Left that is really fueling the flames of racism? I know the Right has its bigots too but do they have to go so far as to make up racist quotes from Rush Limbaugh?

If and when the Republican Party retakes Congress, you can almost guess how it will play out. “The people only voted us out of office because Barack Obama is black!” Post-racial indeed…Lord, help us.