Twitter and the Conservative Movement

If you’re reading this, then no doubt you know the profound impact the blogs, such as Red State, have had on politics and political movements. Blogs have allowed the individual to broadcast their lives to many different people who would otherwise not take notice.

The website Twitter is often ridiculed in my circle of friends but they do not understand the value of it. Like blogs, Twitter allows you to broadcast yourself to potentially millions. It wasn’t until I joined Twitter that I recognized what a useful tool it is. For me, politics takes front and center for my Twitter profile. Yes, occasionally you’ll see a post about me standing in line at the checkout at Walmart, but for the most part, I dedicate it to furthering the Conservative Movement.

Just today, @ConservativeGal wrote that “The gr8 thing abt Twitter is it shows conservatives that there are millions of people who think just like they do.” This is completely true. I joined Twitter not to become a part of the growing conservative community, but just to see what the hype was surrounding the micro-blogging site. It didn’t take me long to discover another conservative. Then one became two and two became three and three became a thousand.

I’ll admit, at first I was a bit perplexed about the hash tags. #tcot and #ocra were showing up in many conservative tweets. To this day, I still haven’t figured them all out, but the hash tags are one of the many ways the Twitter Conservatives organize themselves. (I’ll include a list at the bottom of this post)

Top Conservatives on Twitter (#tcot) is perhaps the most common of the conservative hash tags. The volume of posts on #tcot can be somewhat overwhelming, so others are often used. The Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance (#ocra) is another commonly used hash tag created by a few conservatives. Smart Girl Politics, has its own hash tag, simply #sgp.  Finally for posts about the Tea Party movement or the government takeover of health care, #teaparty and #iamthemob can be used. #Iamthemob came about after many attempts of liberals to slander the town hall attendees. These are just some of the many hash tags out there. There are new ones formed every day so it can be hard to keep up.

If you are a current Twitter user, then this information probably isn’t relative to you. However, if you are new to Twitter or are looking to join most are willing to help out a fellow conservative. You don’t have to use hash tags, but it makes it easier to connect with your fellow conservatives. Back in November, we had a blast tweeting on the election night for the South Carolina and New Jersey races (not to mention that infamous NY-23 debacle). This Tuesday, should be even more exciting as Scott Brown (@ScottBrownMA) has a chance to win Ted Kennedy’s old seat. Come and join us!

#tcot – Top Conservative on Twitter
#ocra – Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance
#teaparty – Tea Party Movement
#iamthemob – Fed up Americans against the government takeover of health care
#sgp – Smart Girl Politics
#tlot – Top Libertarian on Twitter
#libertarian – Libertarian
#p2 – Liberal/Progressive hash tag
#hcr – Health Care Reform
#killthebill – Urges Congress to kill the health care bill
#hhrs – Hugh Hewitt Radio Show
#GOP – Republican Party
#RS – Red State
#rush – Rush Limbaugh
#912DC – March on Washington on September 12, 2009
#masen – Massachusetts