The Environmental Conservative

If you listened to the Left, you would think that just because conservatives have the audacity to question the authenticity of manmade Global Warming and oppose measures such as cap and tax or other ‘green’ initiatives, then the Right “hates” the environment.  Like with many liberal arguments, it could not be further than the truth.

I like to keep an open mind about things, so when a scientist says that the Earth is warming at alarming rates and we must completely alter our economies and lifestyles to combat that threat, I don’t immediately tune them out. However I would like some proof before jumping to action. As in all science, you must back up your claims with proof, something even government schools stressed to me in science class. The scandals of late have all but proved that “the sky is falling” claim is indeed false, but that doesn’t stop the Left.

Because conservatives refuse to act-and act now, we hate the environment.  That’s like opposing affirmative action only to be told that because you do not agree with this particular government program, then you want to re-enslave the African population. Sometimes, you just have to marvel at the mind of the Left. Do they really believe the things that they say?
So do we really need to legislate ourselves into a Green paradise? Personally, I hate the green fad because unlike most other fads, it is pushed by the government and statists. I believe the free market can take care of our environment. If a homeowner is given the option of investing in so called “green-technology” to save money on utilities, it is in their best interest to do so. The best example would be the compact fluorescent light bulbs. Almost everyone I know uses them and not because of a government mandate. In my experience with them, they last a lot longer than the regular light bulbs and they do save energy. In an era of ever raising electricity rates, how is it a bad thing? It’s not!

The benefits of being environmental friendly can be found in the free market. So why is the government legislating our light bulb usage? As with anything coming from our liberal comrades, it’s all about control. If you want to use any type of energy sipping or hogging appliance in your home, we conservatives say “go for it!” If you want to go green for your own selfish interests and not for the liberal cause of the environment, we’re not going to stop you. It’s a win-win situation.