Scarborough and Challenging Gov Palin

Like many conservatives, I think Sarah Palin represents my views much more closely than any Democrat and certainly more than this President. But just because I agree with her on many issues, does not mean I can pretend that I would feel confident with her as the conservative movement’s standard-bearer.


It is not enough to just be right, you have to be able to articulate WHY you are right. Wise people understand their weaknesses and they work hard to overcome them and explain them. When questioned about her credentials, too often Gov. Palin has chosen to attack the credibility of others in an odd effort to boost herself. George HW Bush is not some childish “blue blood” and Ronald Reagan is not just an “actor”. Both are men of substance with long histories of accomplishments (no, being a state senator or a half-term governor doesn’t count).


This brings us to Joe Scarborough’s column today in Politico. http://politi.co/fDwDvF Many conservatives are going to attack it as “tearing down another conservative” by a “RINO”. But let’s be honest. Everyone knows Gov Palin can’t win a general election. Her disapproval numbers are too high and she isn’t making any credible attempt to lower them. Scarborough is likely to spend most of the day getting savaged on talk radio and twitter for saying what we all know to be true.


I’ve seen her show on TLC and I think it’s oddly captivating. Fishing with her children and her family life qualifies her to be a commentator that represents a point of view I basically agree with. But, if there is anything President Obama has solidified, it is that experience matters. For conservatives that want to use the argument that Obama didn’t have experience, I would remind them that the country has seen where that has taken us. It’s an argument that looks to the past and not to the future. More conservatives need to take the practical viewpoint that Scarborough does and look to the future without arguing the 2008 election disaster.


Pretending that Gov Palin is presidential material is just delusional and we need more conservatives like Scarborough speaking candidly. Nobody is challenging her right or the value of her contributions as a pundit, but can we stop with the Sean Hannity love affair with the idea of a Palin presidency? Conservatives need to take back the executive branch in 2012 and make the hard decisions necessary to restore this country’s financial order. If we are going to do that, we need a little more Scarborough and a little less Palin.


In the upcoming election-cycle, are conservatives really going to make the argument that Obama is an amateur in over his head so the country should vote for Palin? It’s not personal. I like her. But it is about winning.