12 Reasons Joe Scarborough Should Run in 2012 on the 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, Joe should run because….

1.) Strong conservative values

2.) Reagan’s tone and style – Treats people he agrees with 80% as a friend, not an enemy

3.) Supports states’ rights – Understands 10th Amendment’s guidance in the role of states

4.) Supports gun rights – 100% National Rifle Association rating

5.) Limited government – Knows government is the problem, not the solution

6.) Strong pro-life – 100% National Right to Life rating

7.) Conserves our resources – Supports prudent use of our national and natural resources

8.) Supports small business – Believes in small business jobs, not government jobs

9.) Cautious foreign policy – Puts troops before politics calling for the wars to de-escalate

10.) Sustainable budget – Understands that government needs to live on the budget it has

11.) Strong voting record – He has the voting record to win

12.) Dropped the F-bomb on TV – How can you not like this guy?

Joe understands conservatism is a belief in a cautious foreign policy, conserving our resources, encouraging entrepreneurship, and a sustainable budget. His politics and style make him a great candidate for 2012 and provide a path forward for the movement.

Plus, he won’t pull a Tebow and cry when Texas beats Alabama, probably.