Winning Issues for 2010 and Beyond: Joe Scarborough

As much as Democrats would love to paint conservatives as racist, homophobic, and intolerant faith-pushers, it’s interesting that few conservatives are focusing on these issues. As far as I can see, Republicans are succeeding by focusing on the issues that matter most to the folks. This is probably the only time I’d ever quote James Carville but, “It’s the economy stupid.” Fortunately conservative voices such as Joe Scarborough and the 2009 gubernatorial candidates in New Jersey and Virginia get it. The Democrats were the ones obsessed with social issues and they looked foolish at a time when nearly 20% of households have experienced a sharp drop in income.


The theme of the successful conservatives in 2009 wasn’t on social issues. They focused on conservative solutions to revitalize those states and it led to an evisceration of their Democratic opponents. Conservative solutions to the economy, our national debt, and foreign policy are the model for success and winning in 2010 and beyond. Joe Scarborough’s politics are a great example of the type of conservatism needed to rebuild and grow the party.


Scarborough is a fiscal conservative who applies this conservatism to all issues. His ideas are simple and yet profound. America is in debt, stop spending. Our troops have endured too many burdens, finish the job and bring them home. Gay marriage and abortion may drive primary voters in both parties, but Scarborough knows they are best handled by the states under the 10th Amendment’s guidance. Americans are out of work, stop the fake “stimulus” and incentivize small businesses to hire. This is the type of conservatism needed to build the party. To quote Scarborough, “When you’re out of work, how do two guys getting married in Vermont affect your life?” Social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and prayer in schools should be left to the states. Conservatism means limited government and Scarborough has got his eye on the ball.


Joe Scarborough’s political philosophy and his brand of conservatism won in 2009 and will continue to win in 2010 and beyond. Focusing on solutions to the big problems and taking a federalist view on social matters wins. Conservatism means conserving our resources, a cautious foreign policy, and a sustainable budget. These are principles Scarborough discusses everyday on Morning Joe. Conservatives would be wise to listen up.